Thursday, 22 September 2011

David Kirsh 2-day Cleanse

I have had my eyes on this for a while as I fancy looking like this lady above and a couple of my friends have tried it with good results. It is commonly known as the lemon/cayenne/maple syrup diet that was made famous by Beyonce using it to slim down for her film role in 'Dream Girls' (she reportedly lost 20pounds). In this diet you basically fast for 10days but it can be tailored in a few ways depending on how hardcore you want it,  and you just drink this special blend of maple syrup, cayenne pepper and lemon juice. I did this before my holiday to give me a boost.

HOW IT WORKS: The syrup (has to be high grade, usually Madal Bal) provides a perfect balance of minerals and trace elements for your body.The lemon provides Vitamin C & potassium which helps to dissolve mucus and waste. The cayenne pepper element adds a nice falvour as well as a stimulatory heating effect which in turn, speeds the metabolism, cleansing and elimination.

DAVID KIRSCH is a world renowned fitness expert, and founder of the Madison Square club, his clients include Heidi Klum, Anne Hathaway and Liv Tyler to name a few. I think he probably knows a thing or too and last year launched his fitness supplements/DVDs into the UK. The best selling one being the '48hr Lemon cleanse'. His version is appealing as it is already all blended up for you, and you only need to do it for 2-days. I'm pretty sure he's not saying to use this instead of the proper one, it's just a shortened version to kick-start your diet and promote better eating habits. Also good for those feeling sluggish or have a party you want to lose a bit of weight for quickly. By not eating any solids and drinking this lemon blend you rest your digestive tract (nice), burn excess fat and rid your toxins, parasites to restore your body balance. His version also contains a few added extra ingridients which 'super charge' it including acai berry, B12, milk thistle and cranberry extract.

This is how the David Kirsch one looks, pre blended in a big bottle (£23)

HOW TO DO: I started the cleanse on a monday morning, making sure I had no boozing or social plans that week. It comes in a huge bottle and you simply dilute it down half/half with water (I used a water bottle)... and I didnt worry too much about how often it said to drink, I just kept on adding it into my bottle and topping up with water as I felt hungry. It tastes actually very nice (pink lemondade) no bitterness which I would have thought. The first day was pretty breezy, I'm sure it also helps if you are busy so you don't have time to think about eating! I didn't go to bed feeling hungry and I was actually very energetic in the evening.

This is how the blend looks when mixed with water - mmmmmm

Day 2 I woke up peckish and the pink lemonade drink for breakfast went down well and I felt fine.... up until late afternoon, that's when it got really, REALLY hard, and through into the evening. I was counting down the hours. I'd like to add that I never felt faint or anything (some people do) just slightly less energised at this point and I really wanted to eat. I battled through the pangs and managed to finish it though with a bit of encouragement. The next morning I had some fruit for breakfast BUT I actually wasn't too hungry. The days following the 2-day cleanse I intended to stick to a healthy eating diet which was way easier than it normally is for me.

RESULTS: Over the 2 day period I lost 5 pounds but I dont think this should be the focus, the following days after I kept losing as my stomach was probably smaller and I was really boosted by the 2-day cleanse. It's now 2 weeks on and I'm still eating healthy and losing weight.

SUMMARY: Brilliant way to kick-start a diet or dietary changes, it really does motivate you if you start off a diet having already lost a few pounds. For £23 it is definately worth a try. I have spoken to a couple of girls who have done this and found it really too hard, this was because they were working out.... don't bother, it will make you feel faint and you will end up not finishing it. Tastes good, inexpensive and it worked for me. I think I will do it every 3-4months to keep on track.

For more info:

Who's tried it?!

Laura Lou


  1. Sounds great! Cleanses are always a good idea, not only for weight loss but also to purify skin and boost energy levels in general!
    I like the ingredients of this one and will def give it a go.
    Happy cleansing!

  2. currently doing this now - day two is HARD work!! Might have to call it quits in the evening x


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