Sunday, 28 September 2014

Makeup Revolution | All Day & Night Eyeliner | Giveaway

One of the newest launches from budget wunderbrand Makeup Revolution is the 'All Day & Night'* eyeliners. 6 intensely pigmented shades which promise to be longwear and smudgeproof. When I read about these and initially tried them I straight away thought of the NARS longwear eyeliners ; something about the packaging but more the actual shades that they do and also the textures.
These eyeliners are super, super soft and creamy to apply, they literally glide onto the skin really easily (no dragging) and pack a good punch of pigment. Initially you can smudge and smoke out the eyeliner if you are quick (same as the NARS) , but after maybe around 30 seconds, the formula is dry and you are left with a great longwear eyeliner , that isn't budging ANYWHERE.

I always swatch new eyeliner shades on the back of my hand to see all the colours clearly, then I will leave on for as long as possible to see how they actually really wear. I can report that these stayed on the back of my hand all day, including a gym visit and stayed put until I had to wash them off with soap & water before I went to bed. Are they Longwear & smudgeproof? TICK.

After swatching playing, applying them on my eyes , ready for this review, I started wondered about sharpening (you will need to sharpen quite frequently because they are so soft). They have a plastic-looking nib/tip area as opposed to wood or anything I can sharpen, so I assume they are twist up.....No, it seems not. After a bit asking around, it appears they ARE sharpen-pencils. *goes off to try*..... 2 minutes later : Yes they are. Ok me being silly, but they do look like plastic tips when they are new right? (see below) so maybe I wasn't being such a dumb beauty blogger, but either way they sharpen perfectly.
I have used 3 of the Makeup Rev longwear pencils here in the look below to create a bronze coppery eye : 'Channeling my inner' , 'The Last Laugh' and 'One Sin Too Many'. Along with the new KIKO liquid eyeliner to get that sharp feline flick. These are my three favourite shades I think and I absolutely love the black, it's so dark and really easy to apply in the waterline with no difficulty.
 [ Full product list : FACE: YSL Touche Eclat foundation, Estee Lauder doublewear  concealer, Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate, GOSH giant cream blusher. EYES: Eylure brow pencil, Eyeko brow gel, Makeup REV liquid eye primer, Makeup REV eyeshadows in 'Cappuccino' and 'I Want You', KIKO liquid eyeliner, Makeup REV longwear eyeliner in 'Channeling My Inner', 'The Last Laugh' & 'One Sin Too Many', False lashes are Flexibands 'Pacific', LIPS: L'Oreal lipgloss 'Nude Vibrato' ]

Aside from these being just £1.99 EACH as opposed to the NARS £19 ones ,I can hand on my heart say these are AS GOOD, perhaps better (sorry NARS) : I have both and have used both. Plus, the NARS ones are really hard to sharpen - if you have them you know & feel my pain. I would say these are up there with the By Terry waterproof kohl liners which I also use really often, and that's a bold claim, but I truly believe this. You can buy the full set of these 6 liners for half the price of one By Terry eyeliner. WOW. Try 'em. NOW.(Or keep reading..)

I have a full brand-new set of these longwear pencils to give away to a lucky reader. Just drop me a comment below with your contact details before THIS WEDNESDAY 1st OCTOBER 11.59pm to be in with a chance to win all 6 pencils. Winner will be announced Thursday 2nd October. UK only. For an Extra entry then follow & Tweet me @LauraLouMakeup :

'WIN the full set of *NEW* longwear pencils from Makeup Revolution with @LauraLouMakeup enter here Closes 1st Oct.'

 Have you tried these yet or anything from Makeup Revolution? They have so many great products at dirt-cheap prices so have a look at their website and you will be in makeup bargain buying heaven. I would also recommend the Lipsticks, my absolute fav is 'Depraved' and they are just £1!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

New KIKO Collection | Daring Game

The latest launch from KIKO cosmetics is inspired by the gorgeous, quick-witted and super glamorous Bond girls. The 'Daring Game' collection* is described as a strong, sophisticated range that demands the attention of everyone in the room. *HELLO!* The packging is the main hint towards this inspiration as it's all casino-inspired reflecting roulette, card decks and dice.

As always with KIKO, the collection is very substantial with a huge selection of limited edition products including bronzers, blushers, a face brush, eyeshadows, lipsticks, glosses and nail colours. I have a handful of these new products so will show you the bits I have been using the most.

All-In Eye Marker & Kajal:
This is a super-sized, double-ended eyeliner with one side being a typical felt-style black liquid liner, and the other is the old-school conical style black kajal eyeliner. You can gain perfect precision using the liquid liner, and it's super black which I love. The kajal-end is very soft and good for creating an easy and quick smudgy smoky eye look - A bit easier to use if you are not overly confident with makeup appliation and perfecting that feline flick. [£9.90]

Mystery Smoky Eye Pencil:
Verrrrrrrry soft pencil eyeliner, so much so that you will use it up quite quickly I fear as I have had to sharpen it after every use. I have shade 17 which is a muted bronzey gold with a bit of shimmer. If you are familiar with the By Terry kohl eyeliners, this is a pretty spot-on dupe for the no.2 (Brown Stellar) which I also have. Due to the softness of this pencil they are easy to blend out and smudge with the angle brush on the end. [£6.90]

Ace of Diamond lipliner & lipstick:
These both come in 6 complimentary shades, and I the 34 'Active Fuschia' for both which I am wearing below. The lipliner is nice and creamy, enough so you could actually wear this all over the lips as a longwear colour. I layered this all over my lips and then topped over with the lipstick to give a more satin finish. I haven't work this kind of berry-esque fuschia pink for a while and I am loving it! A lipstick can make such a difference if you are feeling and looking a little drab : an instant good-mood catalyst. Lipliner [£5.90] Lipstick [£7.90]

Poker Nail Laquer:
I am obsessing slightly with the 06 Shade which is basically a black. I say basicaaly because when I first wore it I kept thinking it had a slight tinge of blue/petrol colour through it. Maybe I am going crazy and losing my eyesight but whatevs, I love this colour and forgot how chic a brilliant glossy black can look on shorter nails. UPDATE: I'm not going mad, I just looked on the website and this 06 shade is called 'Slick Bluenoir' . The Poker Nail laquer comes in 6 shades.[£6.90]

What are we feeling about the KIKO Daring Game collection? They have way more products so go and check the rest out online. I am a huge fan of KIKO because of the price and quality are just brilliant. The quality of most of the products is up there (and often better!) than a lot of high end brands. I have so much of this makeup now and always pop into the shops when I am passing to pick up more bits. It's impossible not to get more as they have so many products to choose from - more than MAC / Illamasqua / any makeup/colour brand really.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Models Own | Diamond Luxe Collection.

I am only just starting to catch up on all my blog stuff this week so apologies as a lot of the *NEW* things I'm showing you are not so new anymore and are most likely already out. I haven't really stopped wearing the Models Own Polishes for Tans since they launched like 3 months ago - I happily have the whole 5 shades now and I love each and everyone of them like they are my own children. Moving swiftly on, Models Own have very recently launched their newest and first 'Luxe' collection of polishes ; The Diamond Luxe collection*... I think they literally just came out the weekend just gone. 

Ten shades of opulent luxury, these nail polishes contain real diamond dust to impart a beautiful, multi-dimensional sparkly finish. A must for anyone into their bling and shine. These formulas are, as always, easy to apply and this luxe formula is a bit thicker than the normal Models Own ones o only one coat is required to give a opaque full colour finish. I am loving the bling-tastic gold tops and writing on the bottles, they have quite a Christmassy (gulp, did I?) finish. These cost £4.99 each and are available NOW on the Models Own Website, Bottleshops and on the 24th September they will hit all the Superdrug stores that stock Models Own (not enough in my opinion!).

I am wearing shade 'Oval Plum' which is quite an autumnal and sophisticated berry tone. I think it's time for me to step away from the neons and stop clinging onto the summer. This is a perfect step in the right direction, and they don't look overly sparkly or glittery - they are more of a grown up shimmer rather than young teeny bopper.

Have you found any new lovely shades for the impending Autumn/Winter?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Makeup Addict Tag.

The lovely Kat from Tales of A Pale Face created this makeup tag which I had to steal from her once I'd seen it on her blog. I love doing Blogger Tags as you can find out loads of info about others, learn about new products and also spread the blogger love.

1. Which product do you still keep buying more of despite having plenty in your collection?
Mascara. I am never 100% happy unless it's super ££ in general so I am forever trying and buying high street brands to try and find a better cheap one - any new launches or offers, I'm usually a' buyin'. Also for my pro kit, I need to replace mascara's like every other month.

2. What's the one product you couldn't live without?
Brow pencils. I have so many now : high street, high end, all different formulas and types. My brows are really sparse without makeup and I look like a boiled egg without brows so it's one thing I need to put on. (You can look more into my favourite brow makeup & application here)

3. Favourite makeup brand?
Eurgh the dreaded question.
Sorry, I just can't.

4. How big is your makeup collection?
Ridiculously big but that is because it is my profession so it's hard to compare. I have a seperate 'Makeup up/Beauty room' at home. Aside from my professional makeup kits (I have x 3 suitcases) I still have piles and piles and drawers of excess, replacement bits, hygiene etc. My personal makeup is pretty excessive in it's own right but that's because I am makeup obsessed and it's my everything!!

5. And how do you like to store it? 
I spent £000's in MUJI a while back stocking up on their little clear storage drawers. I really like them, they are good for holding smaller makeup items, but for bigger things/foundations I use some cheap plastic drawers I got from just a local odds n' sods shop in Islington. I wish decent storage drawers/units were a bit cheaper though. MUJI is $$$$$$. I seperate my makeup into different sections and label the drawers accordingly.
I will be doing a storage post soon as I have been asked about this a few times. Below is a sneak peek:
6. How many items of makeup have you got in your handbag at the moment?
Maybe like 20 which sounds a lot but a lot of it is small pencils and brushes. I always carry around this little makeup bag in my handbag, and it's pretty much what I will do my everyday makeup with. I love the Urban Decay Naked Flush palette as this acts as my bronze/blush/highlight all in one and is a decent compact mirror also. 
7. If you could raid another blogger's stash, who would it be?
I struggled to answer this as I don't often have product envy unless it's someone like Wayne Goss who has a ridiculous amount of stuff [just look here GAAAAAAH] but he's more of a Vlogger right? Zara from Mouldy Fruit has an impressive stash and I love her storage & makeup in general.

8. How long does your usual makeup routine take and how many products do you use?
My own makeup routine takes between 5-10 mins max. If I'm going out/special occasion and having a heavy eye and lashes etc then maybe 20 mins. Daytime makeup I will use ......just counting....under 10 products for sure.

9. Have you ever bought makeup knowing you wouldn't use it?
Different for me as I am a makeup artist so YES. But if I've bought it for myself personally knowing I wasn't going to use it.....mmmm no. Although I DO have makeup I have purchased from like 3 months ago still in the shopping bag but I will use it at some point (!).

10. Tag a few other makeup addicts to do the tag! 
I'm tagging Zoe from Zoe Newlove , Gemma from Miss Makeup Magpie, Zara from Mouldy Fruit and Alice from Super Gorgeous. Wanna read your answers biatchaaz!!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Travel Essentials & Favourites.

Amongst everything else going on lately, one thing I have been doing a lot of is travelling. Whether it be back and forth to my home isle of Jersey or to Ibiza, I think I've seen the inside of Gatwick Airport no less than 12 times in the last 2 months. This has not only made me an expert at packing my cabin luggage with ridiculous precision, but I've also been in, out and around most beauty product travel-sizes that you can shake a stick at. Here are a hand-picked selection of what I'm currently packing.
For my shampoo and conditioner I am not overly fussy, I will usually take away whatever is to hand and small. The Aussie 3-minute miracle has been a winner for me for years & recently saw this travel-size in Boots which is great. Alternatively, if they dont have this small size, you can grab 1 or 2 individual sachets of this conditioner/mask in pretty much all Boots/ Superdrugs.

Percy & Reed do a great selection of travel size sets and individual bits. The Dry shampoo I have used since the launch religiously and the mini-size for just £4 is perfect to last you a week away. This is probably my 30th can.  The 'No-oil oil' that they do is also great and the miniature size of this comes within their travel sets which I got as a pressie last Christmas so goes everywhere with me. I simply refill this with my full-size one whenever it runs out. Yes, some people call me a genius.

Bumble & Bumble do this hair texturising spray called 'Surf Spray' you may have heard of it...! Of course you have heard of it, it's brilliant. This is a weeny 50ml size that I got in a goody bag or on a fashion show.... This surf spray adds texture and a bit of volume/ bed head look and is essential for my fine flyaway hair to give it some grab.

Skincare bits
Depending on if I have any small sizes of skincare or loads of sample sachets (always save them!) I will mix and match the skincare I use. Currently I am using this absolutely fabulous amazing skin-loving duo from Antipodes.  Antipodes is one of my new favourite skincare finds and it is certified organic containing 100% natural thangs. This Moisture boost duo* contains the Vanilla Pod hydrating cream (15ml) & the delicious Divine Face Oil (10ml) which works for ALL SKINTYPES and the oil is anti-ageing. Big fan and highly recommend just to try this set for a mere £12.99 inc delivery from HERE. From just trying these I am buying full sizes plus another mini duo set for travel. Fow Real.

I tend to buy face washes that I can get my hands on in Boots after I have been through security as these can take up a lot of room. There's not usually a great selection so I continually opt for the old trusty faithful that is the Simple moisturising face wash. They also do a travel size in the gel formula wash but for some reason I prefer this formula on my skin.

Any kind of face spritz-pray is a must-have for travelling beauties. Great for an instant burst of hydration and refreshment, particulary on long-haul flights when your skin will turn prune-like from the air-con. Also good to layer under your serums to boost hydration levels. My current favourite is Melvita Pulpe de Rose* which I honestly think is the best I have tried (full review here) : Other brands who do good affordable mini facial sprays are Jurlique, Caudalie, Simple, Pai & The Body Shop.

I always take a mini micellar water with me, and that will either be Bioderma or B.Pure depending on which I find first. I also just top these up as I run out. If you are confused or overwhelmed by micellar/cleansing waters then I have a great guide here. Also take some sachets or a sample sizes of face masks with you, perhaps not if you are going away for just one night as that's a little extravagant and unnecessary but 3 days or more I always chuck in some kind of exfoliator, clay mask and a hydration mask. Hydration is key is you are on long flights, stressful journeys or in the sun. My favourite hydration mask is Glamglow Thirstymud*. It's just everything. Big fan of every single mask that these guys do and you can try a travel-friendly selection for £13 which is a good option.

Travel absolute MUST-HAVE = A multi-purpose balm. This saves space and most balms can be used for so many different things, from lips to cuticles to taming brows, using onto any dry/chapped skin, face masks and more. I have a huge bunch of faves when it comes to balms but currently I am loving the Lanolips 101 ointment. I'm obsessed with this brand and they stock it all in my local Waitrose which is even better. Other great multi-use balms include Lucas Papaw, Dr.Lipp, Yu-Be, 8-hr cream, Balance Me Stellar balm & Antipodes skin saviour balm.

KIKO do some great Intensive hand gloves and Foot treatment booties which come in individual one-use sachets which I love. I got sent a sample of each a few months back but have purchased 2 of each since. (£4.90 per pack) They are pre-soaked mitts and socks that contain intense hydrating and soothing ingredients and they are a great quick-fix. I just like the fact that you use them and then throw them, very easy and fuss-free.
Makeup-wise I try and pack as minimally as possible otherwise I end up taking over half my hand luggage with beautiful but uneccesarry makeup bits .... 

'oh I might need that contour brush just in case, I HAVE to take that MAC glitter pigment in case I go out' etc etc. 

NO! Just take your basic daytime makeup look with one deeper eyeshadow colour in case you go dancing. Maybe some cheeky lashes in case, and a bright lippy, job done! So I don't take up too much space in that horrid little plastic bag for liquids, I always take a sample size foundation and at the moment it's the amazing new YSL Fusion Ink foundation as they were giving out these generous mini bottle samples when it first launched. Good thing to do because wow this foundation is unreal and as soon as I've eeked out my last drop from this sample bottle I'm skipping down to my local counter to buy myself one. It's unreal. Also will absolutely keep this mini bottle to top up for travel. Another handy travel makeup friend is my Amazing Concealer which when I am away, doubles up perfectly as my undereye/ blemish/ everything concealer and I have the smaller 6ml tube so it's teeny. Full review here if you are interested.

I'm off again on my 'travels' this week so will be again stuffing lots of these bits into my cabin luggage. Obvs I can't take all of the above in one trip as I defo cannot fit it all into that small plastic bag, but you'd be surprised at how much, if you are clever with your packing, that you can squeeze in and you can always accidently leave a couple of things sporadically scattered in your bag. Wink-Nudge-WinkWink. Another option is to be hold-out on your shampoos/conditioners/ face washes all the bigger things until you get through security and then hit up boots where they have huge travel selections you can dive into.

Any travel beauty tips you can add? what are your favourite mini's to stock up on? I always have to have my bottle of Rescue remedy on hand as this is great mixed with vodka if you aren't great with flying like me.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

London Fashion Week Inspired Makeup.

This week I've been looking & lusting over some of the looks created for LFW shows and there was so many amazing and beautiful creations. A lot of the looks that I have seen or worked on seemed to be all about skin ; perfect skin, flawless, glossy, glowing and fresh. There were flashes of colour here and there on some shows but the majority I think was quite muted this season.

One look that I thought was so beautiful and would be fun to re-create was the Matthew Williamson look designed by Charlotte Tilbury. The fashion was 70's inspired with a collection of exotic pieces and embellishments and the makeup matched up perfectly. I've seen the list of products used (which is Benefit BTW) and I have some of the bits, so will kind of work with what I have and a few extras from my kit.

Inspired by a hibiscus flower, the skin is gorgeous, supple, youthful and glowing with a fresh dab of colour on the cheeks to keep it looking sprightly. Eyes were the main focus of the look with an amazing pop of fuschia that is smoked out softly all the way up to the perfectly groomed, fluffy brows. I love the look so much:
Now we need to remember I am not a model with luscious lips, perfect facial structure and mesmerising eyes. Also, this is a 'fashion/editorial' look as opposed to everyday makeup, so it's not something I would wear usually but it's fun to have a play around and re-create runway looks. The skin I left really dewy and glowy on purpose, so I used a flash to show this up. All the products I used are listed below.
I quite like the effect of my brows being left more au natural and just groomed through, I think I'm going to do this more frequently now. I added a bit more depth to it with some warmer orange tones underneath and some heavier liner in the lower waterline/lashline. I also added some individual lashes underneath.....just because I was having a mess about (pics below).
Product List:
Charlotte Tilbury's 'Magic Cream' to hydrate a plump the skin
Benefit Girl Meets Pearl (used all over as a primer to give SUPER skin glow)
Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Toasted Beige (I'm tanned)
Benefit 'Fake Up' concealer Shade 02
GOSH 'Giant Blush' in Pink Parfait
Benefit High Beam used over & mixed in with the cream blusher
Laura Mercier brow pencil Brunette (old formula)
Eylure brow gel Transparent
GOSH 'Giant Blush' in Pink Parfait as an eye primer
MAC pigment 'Bright Fuschia'
Laura Mercier baked eyeshadow 'Rubellite' (ltd edition)
Laura Mercier eyeshadow 'Fire Glow' (ltd edition)
Rimmel liquid eyeliner
L'Oreal Miss Manga black mascara
Eylure individual flare eyelashes
By Terry 'Or de Rose' lipbalm
Chantecaille 'Sweet' lipgloss
When using pinks around the eyes, be careful of the tone so it doesn't end up just making you look tired which is really easy to do!  A good tip is to also add a deep brown/black around the lashline to break up the pink tone close to the eyes.

Did you have any stand-out looks for London Fashion Week shows? 

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