Thursday, 2 July 2015

Blusher Love ; My Current Favourites.

Blusher. The one thing that can give your skin life in 0.03 seconds. I would be pretty lost without it as I just look pretty sallow and dull without anything on my cheeks. I like to hit up the slightly brighter tones for summer and these are currently my favourites that are taking top spot at the makeup table.

Cream blushers
The majority of the blushers I use in the summer are cream formula. as my makeup in general tends to be lighter. I like the easy and quick fingertip and blend application and the radiant, dewy glow that you get from a cream blusher. 70% of the time I will use a cream blusher....if my makeup is really heavy or I'm going out then it will usually be a powder. 

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

XEN Tan Dark Lotion | Review & Giveaway.

I'm super excited to share with you this giveaway because not only is it one of my favourite beauty products EVER but I also have a whopping 10 to give away to my readers. I have always been a really big XEN tan fan. It is not only the best tan in the whole entire world (I've used ALL the brands!), but there is also a huge selection of different types of tan to choose from so everyone can find the perfect one for them. I wish I was joking when I say I have Every.Single.One...but I'm not, I really do. 

When I first started buying this fake tan , it wasn't readily available in all the shops, but fortunately now, it is so much more accessible and is sold in stores all over the UK, and very recently into M&S. To celebrate the launch they have a great offer on running from 1st-31st July online AND instore : If you spend £25 on XEN tan then you get a full-sized bottle of Dark Lotion (worth £29). This is a great deal if you just wanted to try the range or even if you already use the dark lotion, you can buy one and get one free!

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The New Beauty Buzzword : Strobing.

Yeah, you've only just learnt how to master the art of contouring and now it's been kicked to the curb.
I'm not a fan of fads, crazes and in a word, what is sterotypically 'Instagram Makeup' (aka airbrushing selfies, hideously overdrawn eyebrows, stripey contouring pics, cut creases everywhere and...meow I'll shut up now). You imagine how I recoiled in horror when I started hearing the new buzzword 'strobing' being banded around over social media & instagram. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Makeup Crush Monday #20 | Too Faced bronzers.

I am a girl-fan of Too faced makeup and one of the products I have used consistantly since I first tried it, has to be their fabulous bronzers. The textures I find really easy to blend and apply, and more importantly they do SUCH a great selection of shades that you can always find one to suit you - summer, winter, holidays....the choice is vast, they are of a superb quality and they last for absolutely ages! I have used the Chocolate Soleil for probably a good year now and am yet to hit the pan.

I am a sucker for packaging and I think Too Faced makeup is one of the brands that always has me wanting to touch and try the different products just from the way they look. The bronzers are housed in a sturdy gold plastic compact that are not only easy on the eyes, but I have dropped mine and travelled across America with it in my handbag and there has never been a crack or a breakage which can be a problem with some bronzers. Cough NARS Laguna. 

Sunday, 28 June 2015

How to unwind & Get better sleep.

Sleep is something we all need, and good sleep allows us to work, function and play better. Over the years I have dipped into sleeping pills and various things to help me get my zzzz's and since about a year ago I have had more bouts of anxiety and troubles with unwinding, letting the angst go, and in particular.....sleeping. The pills do work , yes, but not a long term solution as they can knock you out so hard that you wake up feeling you've just come out of a coma and I feel super groggy in the morning.

I've found various methods and treatments that help me to sleep in a more natural way, so if you have problems unwinding, getting to sleep and staying asleep then maybe more aromatherapy-type things will also help you.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Makeup Forever | 5 things to try.

So Makeup Forever has launched into Debenhams recently and whilst some of the range was available in select makeup artist shops, it is now abundantly available to the makeup-lusting masses which is great news as this is a brand that you need in your life.

MUFE is a makeup range that has been whispered about for so many years in the UK, yearned and lusted after by many and used by a huge numbers of makeup artists for a long time (*THAT* HD foundation was a game-changer back in the day!) Now if, you haven't hauled a$$ down there already, now is the time, to get down to your local Debenhams to play, swatch and lust after this fantastic makeup brand.

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

IIuminage Touch | Next Generation hair-removal.

This is new from Iluminage* and is the most advanced at-home hair removal system. Up until now we have had different at-home removal devices but this one is the FIRST that works for all skintones and hair colours which, I think, is BIG NEWS. The other at-home devices can only be used on a skin tone and type where you can differentiate between the skin and hair colour ; aka pale skin/fair/red hair and dark skin and dark hair is a no-go as the laser will not tell what is skin and what is the hair follicle so it just will not work. For me, I am lucky as I am medium skin-toned and brown hair so I am an ideal candidate for laser hair removal, but for many, this has always been a problem.